Aaiswarya Mills – a renowned name in Dyeing and Printing planted in 1999 by Mr. Rameshchandra Modi, Director, has taken a shape of green tree with 18 years of successful devotion in expanding industry with customers’ continuous support. The company is located in Industrial Estate at Block No.69, 72 & 74, Vareli, Tal. Palsana, Dist. Surat.

Under the dynamic leadership of Shri Rameshchandra Modi, being founder and visionary skilled person, having full wisdom to understand and judge the market trend, today this industry has made a tremendous growth in Dyeing & Printing of Art-silk cloth – dyeing printing of Sarees and dress material. The main reason of growth of this industry is best usage of technique and timely support of technological up gradation in printing of cloths by skilled persons having mastery in printing since years, using quality product of colour and chemicals results in best quality printing of fabrics, floating various competition among customers for printing of grey cloth, fetching very big net-work of customers. Our company is printing 150 million mtrs. of fabric per month with the help of computerized design software.